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The Gold Mines of Rattler County

Teams of 4-8. The abandoned gold mines of Rattler County were recently purchased by Gold Dust Productions. They plan on opening
the mine to tourists. Renovations are almost complete. You have volunteered to be the first group to enter the mine in over 50 years. This is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. What could possibly go wrong?  There is a twist to this game :)....

ROOM MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE - a big room and lots of puzzles to solve.


The Haunting at Crowe Manor

Teams of 2-6.  (Four person min. on Saturdays) Crowe Manor has always thought to have been haunted.  Original owner, Tobias Crowe, has taken residence in the basement for over 200 years!  You aren't a believer?  You will be.  Your team has exactly 60 minutes to BREAKOUT before Tobias Crowe decides to keep you forever!

Please Note! - Our minimum booking on Saturdays is 4 people.  2 person min. every other day of the week.

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